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Primary and Secondary Education offered by private schools are divided into three categories according to their syllabus and timetable, that is schools of the same type, of a similar type and of different type.

As regards secondary education, there are thirty-six private secondary education schools in Cyprus, under the jurisdiction of the department of private education which prepare students for enrollment in Tertiary Education in Cyprus or abroad and the smooth transition in the labour market. The Department of Private Education is also responsible for the private institutes (frontistiria), which offer courses in a variety of subjects in the afternoon.

In order for a Private School (Primary or Secondary) and a Private Institute to get established and operate in the Republic of Cyprus, an approval by the Minister of Education and Culture must be given.

Permission to operate a Private School and a Private Institute in Cyprus can be given to natural or legal persons of a Cypriot nationality or citizens of other member states of the EU. Non EU citizens can also establish a private school upon the approval of the Minister of Education and Culture.

Within the framework of the educational reform, which is in the process of materialization, changes are expected to be brought about as regards the Department of Private Education the chief one being its expansion staffed with more personnel to meet the needs of the department, which are on the increase.

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Primary Education
Andrie Gavrielidou
Education Officer
Phone number: 22800918
Fax: 22800869

Secondary Education
Frosso Tofaridou
Chief Education Officer
Head of the Department of Private Education
Fax: 22428268

Maria Maglara
Administration Officer
Phone number: 22809512
Fax: 22428268

Maria Hatzigeorgiou
Education Officer
Phone number: 22800945
Fax: 22428268

Charalambia Neophytou Savva
Education Officer
Phone number: 22806356
Fax: 22428268

Theodoros Theodorou
Education Officer
Phone number: 22800945
Fax: 22428268

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