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Welcome to EPALE!

EPALE (Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe) is the official platform of the European Commission for Adult Education. The platform launched in October 2014 with 30 participant European member states and up-today has more than 6500 registered users across Europe. The creation of EPALE is co-funded by the European Commission and the Cyprus Republic. EPALE platform interest individuals and organizations professionally involved in providing adult education such as adult educators, academics and researchers, policy makers, associations and non-governmental organisations that aim towards promoting and advancing adult education. Subscribing on EPALE platform users become members of the big Adult education community in Europe.

Users can search and participate in seminars posted on the platform, search and read articles, news and statistical facts from official publications or even participate in discussion forums for adult education issues, grasping the opportunity to meet adult education experts and adult education organizations from other European countries. Content on EPALE platform is regularly updated by adult education experts and by users around Europe who post on the platform. Recently, a new tool was inaugurated for searching partners (Partners Search), aiming to create European Partnerships in adult education. The users, as organizations, have the ability to post on EPALE platform, EVENTS, such as seminars, workshops and conferences and other material regarding adult education. Posting on the platform, users and organizations benefit from showcasing their profile around Europe and make their events and content (such as articles, news, media material, blogs etc) known within the European adult education community. The Ministry of Education and Culture embraces the initiative taken by the European Commission for the creation of such a platform, and at the same time, supports its dissemination throughout Cyprus.

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You can register to EPALE in the address:

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To post material or events you can contact us at +357 22800799, fax: 22428273 or send an email at:

Writing competition for an article regarding adult education in the context of promoting the posts on the EPALE platform. In the context of disseminating the EPALE platform as a means of communication and exchanging views among professionals of adult education in Europe, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth declared a contest for the production of an article with the topic: The role of adult education in modern society. The individuals and organizations that participated in this contest are professionals providing adult education as well as various stakeholders. The purpose of the contest was to promote ideas, suggestions, and good practices, and encourage the production of articles that will be posted on the EPALE platform.

Please take into consideration these points for the production of the article:
  • The article must not be an excerpt or a copy of another article or promote a specific educational institute.
  • The article must contain the title, the authors details as well as the bibliography that was potentially used.
  • The electronic production of the article and its spelling review is required.
  • The written languages are Greek or English but it is not impossible that the respective translation will be requested.
  • The length of the article must be in the limits of 800 to 1200 words (bibliography not included).

The last day of submitting the articles was November 6th, 2015. The articles that will be distinguished will be published on the EPALE platform and will be awarded in a ceremony held for the EPALE platform on November 27th 2015, at 11:00am, at the Conference Center Filoxenia.

For the invitation for the awarding ceremony, click here.

For more information please contact us at +357 22 800799.

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