In the school year 2017-2018, the institution of “Lyceum” (High school) was introduced on a Pancyprian scale, replacing the “Eniaio Lykeio” of optional subjects. Responding to the demands and challenges of the modern changing world, Lyceum aims to transform students into integrated individuals who achieve to balance the technocratic and humanitarian dimension of education. At the same time, the school provides the students the basic knowledge in order to be able to continue their studies in tertiary education but also a more specialized knowledge for accessing the free labor market.

Students begin to attend Lyceum after they finish Gymnasium (middle school), at the age of 15. The Lyceum is a three year cycle and it is not mandatory. When students successfully complete the three years, at the age of 18, they obtain a leaving certificate called “apolyterion”.

The syllabus offers a variety of courses. Specifically, in the first year of Lyceum students have to choose one out of the four Subject Orientation Groups, which include a default combination of courses and which lead to six corresponding educational directions in the second and third years of Lyceum. The syllabus also includes courses such as Health Education, Environmental Education, etc., as well as various extracurricular activities such as educational trips, visits, etc., in order to achieve global and balanced development of the students' personality.

Enrollments in Lyceum

For all types of enrolment in Cyprus public schools please contact the educational district offices:

Lefkosia District Education Office
Ministry of Education and Culture
Kimonos and Thoukydidou Corner
1434 Lefkosia
Telephone: 22 806315
Fax: 22 305507

Lemesos District Education Office
238, Agias Fylaxeos, Anna Building, 2nd floor,
3082 Lemesos
Telephone: 25 820882
Fax: 25 305622

Larnaka/Ammochostos District Education Office
45 Elefthefias Avenue
Akinita Oikonomou, 1st floor,
7102 Aradippou
Telephone: 24 821358
Fax: 24 813277

Pafos District Education Office
Neofytou Nikolaidi,
New District Government Offices,
Ô.Č. 6077, 8100 Pafos
Telephone: 26 804516
Fax: 26 911453

Special Education Office
Kimonos and Thoukidydou Corner,
Akropoli, 1434 Lefkosia
Telephones: 22 809521, 22 800632
Fax: 22 800660

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