Secondary General Education, Public and Private, covers a large department of the Educational system in Cyprus. Based on the socioeconomic, cultural and national needs of Cyprus, the Public Secondary General Education offers equal training opportunities and aims to renown knowledge with emphasis on general education and gradual specialization in order to prepare students for their academic or professional orientation. It also aims to promote and develop a healthy, spiritual and moral personality, creating competent, democratic and law-abiding citizens, the consolidation of national identity, cultural values, global ideals of freedom, justice, peace and fostering love and respect for people in order to promote mutual understanding and cooperation of people.

Public Secondary General Education is provided for students aged 12 to 18 years, through two three-year cycles of courses - High School and Lyceum. The two cycles include courses in discrete modules (Greek, Maths, etc.), courses offered interdisciplinary (Health Education, Environmental Education etc.) and various extra school activities (clubs, trips, visits etc.) in order to achieve comprehensive and balanced personality development of students. Attendance is free for all classes and compulsory until the age of 15 years.

In the recent years, the educational system in lyceum, is gradually becoming more flexible and offers different directions depending on inclinations, skills and interests of students. Particularly with the implementation of the institution of (Eniaio Lykeio) Lyceum in the year 2000-2001 throughout Cyprus flexibility and the prospects for students have increased even more. This new institution constitutes a response to the diverse challenges, national and global. It also strengthens the European dimension of our education and culture.

Secondary education has a wide range of responsibilities. The main areas of competences of the Department are: monitoring and evaluating the work of public schools, monitoring the work of private schools, the State Institutes of Education, the Advisory Service and orientation education, monitoring the implementation of regulations concerning school operation, inspection of teachers, educational programming and staffing of schools, providing training to students and adults, providing information on education.

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