The Gymnasium

The Gymnasium represents an independent separate course of studies of general education, focused on humanistic education. It accomplishes general education provided by primary School and prepares students for lyceum or technical / professional education. Courses are common for all students. Under the policy of the Ministry of Education and Culture for qualitative improvement of provided education, new institutions concerning high school have been introduced and promoted, like for example the teaching of computers in all classes, the use of the library, the introduction of the institution of special classrooms, such as Language and history rooms, as well as upgrading the institution concerning the Head teacher of a class.

In order to prevent school failure and functional illiteracy, high schools function with the institution of Educational Priority Areas. Main principles of the institution include insurance of continuity between Kindergarten - Primary - Gymnasium, partnership with local agencies and reduction of the number of students per class and insurance the ownership of spoken words. To address the problem of functional illiteracy and the consequent prevention of school and social exclusion, since 1989-90, in high schools of Cyprus, a Literacy Program is running. The content of the program focuses on the three basic skills - reading, writing, arithmetic - at the first three grades of elementary school adapted to the needs and experiences of every high school student.

Also, measures are taken for the education of children with special needs. Special education and generally the required help concerning school development are taken for students with severe learning, functional and adaptive difficulties in all sectors, and particularly in the psychological, social, and educational sectors.

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