Private Schools

Private Pre-Primary schools

Private Pre-Primary schools function according to the 2019 Law and Amendments concerning Private and Tutorial Schools. No private school can function without the approval of the Minister of Education and Culture following the agreed consent of the Advisory Committee for Private Education.

Children attending private Pre-Primary schools
Children who have completed the age of 4 8/12 on the 1st September of the enrolment year, namely the Pre-Primary age, will have to attend a public, a community or an approved by the MOECSY private Pre-Primary school.

Types of private Pre-Primary schools
There are three types of private Pre-Primary schools

  • Schools of the same type: Private Pre-Primary schools of the same type are those which strictly follow the curriculum of public Pre-Primary schools.
  • Schools of a similar type: Private Pre-Primary schools of a similar type are those which apart from other activities/subjects, at least 2/3 of the activities/subjects offered in public Pre-Primary schools are taught in relation to time, curriculum and subject matter.
  • Schools of a different type: Private Pre-Primary schools of a different type are considered those which do not belong to the two above categories. These schools apply different curricula which are approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Qualifications of the teaching staff
According to the existing law, both the head and the teaching staff of a private Pre-Primary school of the same or similar type with the public school, should possess the same qualifications required for both the head and teaching staff respectively of a public Pre-Primary school.

As for the qualifications of the teaching staff of a private different of a private different type Pre-Primary school, the unanimous decision of the Advisory Committee for Private Education is required, whilst the Director must have at least two-year previous experience in a public school or an approved by the MOECSY private Pre-Primary school in Cyprus or abroad.

Internal Regulations for the Operation of a Private Pre-Primary
Every private school, regardless of type, must have approved by the MOECSY operating internal regulations, similar in structure and content with the internal regulations of public schools.

Tuition fees
The fees paid for children of pre-primary age attending a private Pre-Primary school are not covered by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

For 2021-2022, you can find the fees of private Pre-Primary schools here.

The MOECSY subsidizes the fees of Latin and Maronite pupils attending their national school (private) both Pre-Primary and primary.

The fees of Turkish Cypriot pupils attending private schools, (pre-primary and primary) in the non-occupied areas of the Republic of Cyprus are fully subsidized by the state.

Private Pre-Primary Schools

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