The Adult Education Centres is a significant programme which provides general adult education in Cyprus within the framework of providing lifelong learning opportunities. The main objective of the Adult Education Centres is the general development of each adults personality as well as the social, financial and cultural development of citizens and society in general. Their aims coincide with the states developmental policy and the wider aims of the Ministry of Education and Culture regarding the provision of "Lifelong Learning" opportunities for all the citizens of the Republic of Cyprus and the combating of educational inequalities so that citizens may be successfully integrated and be enabled to act efficiently in a united Europe.

The Adult Education Centres were, initially, established, mainly in rural areas, in 1952. In 1960, following the independence of the Republic of Cyprus, 175 centres functioned with 3750 members. From 1974 onwards they have expanded in most urban areas as well, and today they function in all non-occupied areas of the Republic of Cyprus, offering learning opportunities for further personal, professional and social development to thousands of adults aged 15 and over.

The Adult Education Centres offer a variety of interdisciplinary courses which focus mainly on the teaching of foreign languages, arts and crafts, cultural programmes, health and other issues of general interest, as well as on teaching professional and vocational skills.
Furthermore, every year the Adult Education Centres organise free of charge learning activities for various target groups, such as people with literacy difficulties, people with special needs, enclaved Cypriots, prisoners, mentally ill and elderly people. They also offer, free of charge, Greek language courses to children of repatriated Cypriots, to political refugees and to Turkish Cypriots. Moreover, Turkish language courses are offered free of charge to Greek Cypriots.

The Adult Education Centres have been acknowledged by the citizens of the Republic of Cyprus as the most important programme of general adult education with the provision of a variety of qualitative courses.

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