Ensuring equal access to and participation of all children in non-discriminatory and inclusive education is a key objective of the Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth (MOESY), which respects and recognizes the diversity of each child, as well as its fundamental right to education.

According to the current legislation and relevant regulations, and based on European and international standards, the MOESY takes the necessary measures to support pupils with disabilities or other special educational needs by providing them with the opportunity to maximize their academic and social development, in order to be able to adjust to the school environment and in society in general. The MOESY offers support services and educational programmes which effectively respond to pupils individualized needs at an early stage and applies the appropriate therapeutic intervention.

The MOESY, despite the main provisions given to SEN pupils, such as special education, speech therapy, individualized education programme, special facilities and special technological equipment, also implements actions and inclusive educational policies, defined by the values of equality, recognition and acceptance of diversity.

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