Citizens Information Service

Procedures through which services are provided to citizens/businesses

Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth
Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth: mission, vision, principles, strategic objectives

Pre-Primary Education
General Information
Starting age for Pre-Primary School (Compulsory Education and Pre-Primary class)
Pupilsí registration/transfer in Public Pre-Primary Schools
(ages 4 6/12 and above)
Registration of pupils aged 3 - 4 6/12 years old in Public Pre-Primary schools

Primary Education
General Information
Starting age for Primary School
Pupilsí registration/ transfer in Public Primary Schools
Hiring Process for Primary School Secretarial Staff

Secondary General Education
General Information
Exemptions from lessons
Student uniform and decent appearance
Change of Orientation Group or Subject (s)

Secondary Technical and Vocational Education
General Information

Special Education
General Information
The right of parents/guardians to obtain copies from their childrenís personal files, kept in confidential records in the Office of the District Committee of Special Education
Submission of a written request from parents/guardians of children with special needs for continuation (extension) of their attendance at Special Schools
Referral of a child to the District Committee of Special Education and Assessment/reassessment of his/her educational needs
Recruitment Process of Care Assistants for children with special needs

Private Education
General Information
Guidelines for Establishing and Operating Private Primary Schools, Private Pre-Primary schools and Community Pre-Primary Schools

Adult Education Centres
Operating Procedures for Adult Education Centres
Registration Procedure (individuals who wish to attend classes) for the Adult Education Centres

All-Day School
General information about All-Day Schools
Operation of All-Day Optional Schools
Hiring process for trainers/teachers in All-Day Schools

The Cyprus Council of Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications- General Information - KY.S.A.T.S.
General Information

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