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Registration Procedure (individuals who wish to attend classes) for the Adult Education Centres

Each applicant must submit an application form for the course/es he/she wishes to attend. Registration is done online during the registration period (the first week of September to the second week of October). Those who interested but have difficulties in completing and submitting the application can visit the local Adult Education Centres where the secretarial personnel will help them.

In approximately two weeks after the end of the registration period, each instructor contacts the members of his/her group by telephone and sets their first meeting during which the day and time of the course is finalized.

When the minimum number of applicants required for the operation of a groups is met (9 for Urban areas, 11 for Rural Areas) and the members of the group are finalized, applicants are asked to pay the following approved fees:
  • Urban or Rural areas: €55
  • Communities with less than 500 inhabitants: €27,50
  • Persons 65 years of age and older: €27,50 (photocopy of their ID must be presented to the instructor at their first meeting).
  • Persons 65 years of age and older, attending classes in communities of less than 500: €13,75 (photocopy of their ID must be presented to the instructor at their first meeting).
  • Persons with a handicap deficiency of 75% and over are entitled to free attendance on all offered classes provided that they present their invalidity certificate to their instructor at their first meeting:

Tuition fees can be paid only online through the JCC-SMART website using the following path (Categories/ Government Payments/ Ministry Of Education, Sport And Youth - Adults Educational Centres):

Further details on how to pay the tuition fees will be provided by the trainers at the beginning of the courses.

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