Pre-Primary Education

Criteria and procedure of accepting a child aged 3 4 6/12 to attend a public or community Pre-Primary school

If there are available places in public Pre-Primary schools, the selection of children aged 3 4 6/12 years and the process followed, is made by a Selection Committee according to the criteria which have been approved. According to the regulations for public primary schools the Selection Committee consists of the chairman of the District School Board, the headteacher of the nearest primary school, a representative of the Parents Association and the Pre-Primary school teacher. All the information submitted to the Selection Committee, through the parents application or accompanying statement, is confidential and is discussed only during the meeting. All members of the Selection Committee are responsible for the approval or rejection of an application.

The selection criteria of children aged 3 4 6/12 years old to attend a public Pre-Primary school and which are applied according to priority are the following:

A.Irrespective of age priority is given to children with special education needs, approved by the District Committees of Special Education. The enrolment of children of this category is made independently of the age group they belong to (Category B: 4 4 6/12 or Category C: 3 4 years old). According to 113(1)99 Law, education is provided from age 3.

B. For the rest of the children selection is made according to the following criteria, with priority given to children of category B (4 - 4 6/12 years old):
  • Children who had attended the pre-primary school during the previous year, regardless of whether they are from the educational region or not.
  • Child under the protection/supervision of the Social Welfare Office or Orphan
  • Child of a family which receives Minimum Income Guaranteed or Public Allowance
  • Child with both parents unemployed
  • Child of a single parent family
  • Child of a large-member family
  • Child of a five-member family
  • Child with a sibling who will be attending the pre-primary school during the same academic year
  • Roma child
  • Age

  • During the application time, parents should provide the school with all the necessary certificates from the relevant Government services, in order for their applications to be examined within the context of the aforementioned criteria. The certificates should be issued within the last month.
  • The criteria will be examined separately for each age group, with priority given to children in Category B (age 4 - 4 6/12 years old).
  • A single parent family is a family in which one parent, without a spouse/partner, lives with at least one dependent child, and lives alone because he/she is unmarried, widowed, divorced, or because one of the parents has been declared missing by the court.
  • A large family is a family with four or more children.
  • A five-member family is a family with three children.

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