Welcome to the website of the Career Counselling and Educational Services (CCES) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth (M.E.C.S.Y). We invite you to explore the contents of the CCES website and learn more about the services.

The CCES operate under the administration of the Secondary General Education of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth. There are Counselling and Career Guidance offices in all public Secondary General Education and Secondary Technical and Vocational Education and Training Schools as well as Central Career Guidance offices at the M.E.C.S.Y.

The CCES practice, focuses on the personal, interpersonal, educational and career development of high school students and other young people. Through the counselling process and the career guidance, the school counsellors help students in Secondary Education and other young people to:
    adjust to the school environment, set goals and grow personally and academically
  • develop positive self-esteem and acquire the skills to deal effectively with personal, family and/or interpersonal issues.
  • grow and accept themselves and others.
  • learn and acquire decision making skills and techniques in order to make well informed decisions concerning educational, career and personal choices.
  • identify their individual capabilities, interests and skills – reach self-awareness
  • explore different types of careers and gain valuable knowledge about the modern socio-economic and cultural developments.

The ultimate aim is to enable them to make their own informed decisions.

All of the above services are offered based on the uniqueness of each and every person.

All counsellors comply to the code of ethics and laws governing the profession.

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