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The Examinations Service is a government unit which belongs to the Higher Education Department of the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth.

It organises the Pancyprian Access Examinations, as entrance examinations for the public universities of Cyprus and Greece as well as the Examinations for Appointment of Teachers. It also provides testing services to other government departments, the Police Force, the Fire Department, municipalities, private organisations and anyone interested in its testing services.

Apart from the Pancyprian Access Examinations, tens of thousands of candidates for positions throughout the public and semi-public sector and municipalities take the exams organised by the Examinations Service.

The Examinations Service is constantly reviewing its procedures to further improve the provided testing services, including testing, marking and security of the processes involved.

The examinations organised by the Examinations Service are falling under two categories: A. Examinations conducted under the full administrative responsibility of the Examinations Service:
  • Examinations for Appointment of Teachers in Education
  • Pancyprian Access Examinations
  • Examinations for Fine Arts Schools/Departments in Greece and Cyprus
  • English Language Certification Exams
  • Greek and English Typing and Greek Shorthand Examinations
  • Examinations of Sufficient Knowledge of Basic Elements of the Contemporary Political and Social Reality of Cyprus for Third Country Nationals who are interested in the granting of long-term resident status in the Republic of Cyprus

B. Examinations organised in collaboration with public services, semi-public organisations, municipalities etc.:
  • Examinations for Appointment in the Public Sector
  • Examinations for Appointment in the public and semi-public organisations, in Police Force and in municipalities
  • Greek Language Certification Exams (in collaboration with the Greek Language Center in Thessaloniki)
  • Examinations for sword translators (in collaboration with the Press and Information Center)

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