Secondary Technical and Vocational Education (MTEE)

Evening Schools of Technical and Vocational Education (ESTEE)

Preparatory Apprenticeship
Preparatory Apprenticeship is offered to young people between the ages of 14 and 16, who have not completed their compulsory education (Gymnasium). It can last from one to two years and according to the academic progress and maturity of each individual student offers two options. They can either advance to the Core Apprenticeship, or through an examination procedure, revert to the Gymnasium. The students attending the Preparatory Apprenticeship follow a different curriculum which includes the main subjects (Greek, Mathematics, Physics, English) along with Art, Carpentry workshops, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.

In cooperation with Career Councellors and with the help of Psychologists, students are offered the chance to discover their talents and abilities which will also empower their self-confidence. They will be better equipped to choose the relevant specialisation suited for them if they decide to continue to the Core Apprenticeship.

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