All-Day schools

All-day Optional Primary school

Public schools work as all-day schools on a voluntary basis from October until May, four times a week in two zones, namely until 3:00 p.m. or 4:00 p.m. The morning curriculum and school subjects remain the same according to the regulations of Primary schools.

During the afternoon timetable, there are 4 periods for completing pupils’ homework, 4 periods for supportive teaching and 8 periods for the teaching of optional subjects of interest (English, Information Technology, Music, Physical Education, Art, Design and Technology).

The number of pupils per class ranges between 8 and 25, depending on the subject and the particularities of the school unit. The formation of classes and groups depends on the pupils’ interests and the number of the teaching staff.

The Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth provides the appropriate equipment for All-Day schools. The expenses for the pupils’ meals and all necessary arrangements for the provision and preparation of meals are undertaken by the parents. The set menu and lunch arrangements, concerning the daily ration, are agreed by the Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth as well as the parents. The Ministry subsidizes the meals of pupils who are in financial need.

All-day compulsory Primary school

As a result of the rapid changes in society which constitute the necessity for the reformation of the educational systems so as to include new school life conditions and learning procedures, new knowledge, upgraded infrastructures and reformed curriculum and timetable, theMinistry of Education, Sport and Youth went on to reconstruct the all-day optional school by adopting the all-day compulsory Primary school on a pilot basis.

The all-day compulsory school functions with a comprehensive timetable, and with an upgraded education content in 14 Primary schools in Cyprus.

The all-day compulsory schools function on four days per week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) from 7:45 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. The teaching periods amount to 47, namely 12 periods are added to the existing ones.

The 12 additional teaching periods are used for restructuring English, the introduction of Information Technology, the introduction of “Life Education” activities, the introduction for the teaching of subjects of interest and the introduction of Design and Technology to grades 3 and 4.

Other additional adjustments concerning the all-day compulsory schools are: the abolition of homework, the use of qualified teaching staff for the teaching of English, Information Technology and subjects of interest, and the use of Advisory Committees in every all-day compulsory school with the participation of teachers, parents and representative of the School Board.

During the four days with afternoon lessons, pupils are provided with a meal. The daily menu has been suggested by specialised nutritionists and the meals are prepared outside school unless a school has decided otherwise. The meals are served in an appropriate place which serves as a dining room. Additional staff helps with the service and cleaning; the pupils have their meals under the supervision of teachers. The cost of meals is covered by the parents. However, the Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth covers the full cost or part of the cost of meals for some children, on the basis of socio-economic criteria.

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