All-Day Schools

All-day Optional public Pre-Primary schools

All-day Optional public Pre-Primary schools function on a voluntary basis from October until May with four additional afternoon periods, five times a week until 3:05 or 4:00 p.m.

The morning curriculum and school subjects remain the same according to the regulations of public Pre-Primary schools. For the afternoon timetable there are 4 periods for rest (for children who need it), rest or quiet activities; 4 periods for those who want to play, for language and mathematical activities as well as getting acquainted with technology; 4 periods for creative activities and entertainment (drama and music movement, dancing and painting); 4 periods for the development of skills or team games.

The number of pupils in each class does not exceed 25. The Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth provides the appropriate equipment for all all-day schools.

The expenses for the pupils meals and all necessary arrangements for the provision and preparation of meals are undertaken by the parents as in the case of the primary schools. The set menu and lunch arrangements, concerning the daily ration, are agreed by the Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth and parents. The Ministry subsidizes the meals of pupils who are in financial need.

Public All-Day Optional Pre-Primary Schools

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