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Erasmus+ KA 3 Project: An innovative toolkit for inclusive decision making policies


The iDecide Project aims to develop an innovative toolkit and induction course to support evidence-based policy making that can lead to the reduction of disparities in learning outcomes and marginalisation, by supporting school leaders, school staff, and policymakers to engage in shared and inclusive decision making. By implementing the toolkit and collecting rich data, we aim to understand the complexities of how decisions at school level influence marginalized groups and develop concrete recommendations for policy and practice on how toengage in shared decision making, giving voice to all stakeholders.

The toolkit aims:
  • To develop an innovative toolkit and an induction course (face-to-face & on-line) for school leaders and school staff, based on effective principles and processes to promote shared decision making regarding the development, implementation, evaluation and improvement of inclusive policies.
  • To support evidence-based policy making which can lead to the reduction of disparities in learning outcomes and marginalisation in schools.
  • To support the EU in reducing disparities in learning outcomes affecting learners from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • To strengthen cooperation & exchange of information and good practices between different areas of Europe.

The following partners participate in the project, with the Ministry of Education and Culture acting as a Leader:
  • Innovade LI LTD, Cyprus
  • CARDET, Cyprus
  • Universitatea Din Pitesti, Romania
  • University of Peloponnese, Greece
  • Louth and Meath Education and Training Board, Ireland
  • Municipio de Lousada, Portugal

The programme will have a duration of three years, starting from January 1st, 2016 and ending at December 31st, 2018.

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