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Recruitment Process of Care Assistants for children with special needs

According to the Education and Training of Children with Special Needs Laws of 1999-2014 the District Committee of Special Education (DCSE) is the body responsible for assessing a referred child in order to provide the education, training or other support necessary to meet their specific needs.

Under this legislation, the DCSE decides, among other things, the appointment of support staff (Care Assistants) in order to serve the needs of the child.

After the decision of the DCSE and provided that the child attends a public school, the Ministry of Education and Culture (MOEC) informs the relevant School Board, as the employers of Care Assistants, to take the necessary steps for timely staffing of schools.

The Recruitment Committee is composed of the following seven members:
  • School Board President or a representative
  • Three members of the School Board
  • Head teacher of the School*
  • Class teacher / Special Unit teacher / Student Councillor *
  • Special Needs Coordinator or other representative of the Ministry of Education and Culture
  • Representative of the parents / guardians of the Special Unit, Special School or the families of the children served.
*One vote

When the position is created for the first time, it is announced in the daily press. Candidates who meet the required qualifications (high school graduates or those with five years of experience in a similar position) go through the process of a personal interview. The Recruitment Committee taking into consideration the candidates' qualifications, relevant experience and the assertions in the interview, proceeds with the selection of the most appropriate person.

If the position existed from the previous school year, the MOEC informs in writing the relevant School Board. The Recruitment Committee evaluates the work of the Care Assistant and if it finds that the Care Assistant performed his/her duties to the required standard, then the Care Assistant is rehired. Where the Committee considers that the appointed Care Assistant did not adequately exercise his/her duties, it has the right to advertise the position again.

Where the termination of the employment of the Care Assistant is decided either because (a) the need for an education Care Assistant has ceased or (b) the Care Assistant in accordance with the Recruitment Commission did not perform adequately his/her duties, then the provisions for the Termination of Employment Law are applied.

When the Care Assistant intends to resign on his/her own initiative, he/she is obligated to give a minimum notice of fifteen-days.

It is emphasized that the contract of employment of each Care Assistant starts on the first day of attendance of children at school and ends on the last day of schooling.

Relative to the recruitment process of a Care Assistant for children with special needs is the circular of the MOEC File No. 7.16.22 dated January 19, 2009 as well as the Decision of the Council of Ministers dated June 25 2014.

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