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Referral of a child to the District Committee for Special Education and Training for the evaluation of his/her needs

Referral and Assessment
  • Parents/guardians of a child or any other person may notify the District Committee for Special Education and Training (DCSET)
  • that the child is likely to present special needs, by completing the relevant form.
  • The (DCSET) forms a multidisciplinary evaluation team and notifies in writing the parents / guardians, informing them of the team as well as to their right to be present during the evaluation of the child alone or with an expert of their choice.
  • Based on the evaluation of the child the (DCSET) can decide the following:
    1. The educational context of schooling (mainstream class in a public school, special unit in a public school, special school, temporary homeschooling).
    2. Provision of specialized educational or therapeutic assistance, specialized equipment, free transportation, ancillary staff.
    3. Creation or modification of buildings or other infrastructure in the school where the child attends.

Appeals procedure
  • The (DCSET) communicates its decision in writing to the parents/guardians informing them at the same time of their right to submit an appeal should they disagree with the decision. In such case, the objection is submitted in writing and the (DCSET), after reviewing the issue, notifies parents/guardians of their final decision.
  • If parents/guardians disagree again with the final decision of the (DCSET) they have the right to appeal to the Central Committee for Special Education and Training (CCSET, Ministry of Education and Culture, 1434 Lefkosia) within 30 days by submitting a written appeal against the decision of the DCSET.
  • The CCSET investigates the appeal within 30 days of receipt. The parents/ guardians have the right to attend the hearing and, if they wish, be accompanied by a specialist of their choice. The decision of the CCSET is communicated to both parents/guardians and the DCSET.

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