Primary Education

Types of Primary schools

In Cyprus are operating public and private Primary schools.

Public Primary schools

Public Primary schools are categorized as follows:
  • Schools with one teacher
  • Schools with two teachers
  • Schools with three or more teachers.

The number of pupils in the different types of Primary schools is defined by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth.

The headteacher of each school divides the pupils in classes according to the instructions given by the Director of Primary Education.

In schools with 2-5 teachers, classes are formed with pupils from different ages, with a maximum number of 20 pupils in each class.

Private Primary schools

Private Primary schools are founded and governed by the Law for Private Primary Schools of 1971 and its relevant amendments and are distinguished in three types: Same Type, Similar Type and Different Type. Private Primary schools operate as private profit educational institutions. They are inspected and coordinated by the officers of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth. Private schools operate morning and/or afternoon.

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