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Pupils' registration/transfer in Public Pre-Primary Schools (ages 4 8/12 - 5 8/12)

Information about the procedure for Pupils' Registrations/Transfers
Age of enrolment in Pre-Primary schools
  • Children can enrol in a Pre-Primary class, if on the 1st September of the school year that they start school, they are 4 years and 8 months old. According to the Compulsory Education Law, attendance at a Pre-Primary class is compulsory for all children who live in Cyprus. Parents who violate the law are procecuted.

Enrolment period
  • Enrolment of Pre-Primary school pupils in all public schools takes place during three consecutive days within the first two weeks of January every year. Parents can be informed about the specific dates from pupils already attending Primary school or from the media.
  • After the registration period expires, school headteachers are not allowed to enrol more pupils. For registrations or transfers after the January registration period, parents need to apply to the relevant District Education Office.

Who can enrol in Public Pre-Primary Schools?
  • All children who live in Cyprus, regardless of nationality, are eligible for enrolment, irrespective of whether their parents are legal residents or not.

Educational regions
  • According to the Educational Region law pupils should register at the school belonging to their educational region. Pupils can enrol at a school of another educational region after they obtain transfer approval from the relevant District Education Office and provided that they have already registered at the school of their educational region.
  • Enrolment in Pre-Primary class takes place at the Pre-Primary schools of each educational region. The revised list of educational regions is made available on the internet in late December, before the registration period begins.
  • All children of pre-school (Pre-Primary class) age must enrol at the Pre-Primary school of their educational region, even if they intend to transfer to another school. No application for transfer will be examined, if the child is not already registered at the Pre-Primary school of his/her educational region.
  • Pupils of pre-school (Pre-Primary class) age interested in enrolling at a Pre-Primary school outside their educational region, can register without having to follow the transfer procedure described above, if the Pre-Primary school is located next to a primary school in which they have older siblings (in grades 1-5).

Certificates required for the enrolment process
  • For pupils who enrol in Pre-Primary class, the following forms/certificates are necessary:
    1. MOEC 11- Application for Registration in Primary or Pre-Primary School
    (Pre-Primary class):
    the form can be found on the Department of Primary Education website (MOEC 11) and must be completed by all parents who apply for the registration of their child for the first time in the specific Pre-Primary school.
    2. Birth certificate/passport :
    For children who have been born in Cyprus and enrol for the first time an official birth certificate is required. For children who have been born abroad, the official birth certificate issued by the relevant authority of the country they were born in is required. A passport is also accepted as an official document. If parents do not have any official documents, pupils can be registered after all necessary information required by the school is provided and all relevant school documents are completed. Photocopies of the above documents are accepted only if they have been certified by the relevant official. It is also recommended to translate these documents in Greek or English.
    3. Bills as proof of residential address:
    Along with the aforementioned official documents parents should also submit two bills (a refuse bill and a recent electricity bill) which indicate the pupilís residential address. If the parents rent a house and it is not possible to provide a refuse bill, they should submit the lease document in addition to the electricity bill.
  • All the aforementioned documents/certificates need to be submitted by parents to the school upon registration. The documents are kept at the school until the child graduates or transfers to another school.

Registration forms provided by the School

  • Applications for transfer to a school that is NOT within the pupilís educational region are submitted by the parents to the relevant District Education Office, during the January registration period. MOEC 33 Form ęApplication for Transfer to a Primary or Pre-Primary School (Pre-Primary class) in Another AreaĽ can be obtained by the District Education Offices or from the Ministryís website. Along with MOEC 33 Form, a document which confirms that the pupil has been registered in a school of his/her educational region (’–– 28 Form) should also be submitted.
  • New applications for registrations/transfers for reasons of residence change which are submitted during the registration period in January can be carried out by the headteacher of the School to which the child intends to transfer. The necessary documents which prove the change in address need to be submitted to the school.
  • Note that transfers for other reasons, or because of a change in address, that cause housing or other problems to schools are only accepted after approval from the relevant District Education Office. An application form (MOEC 33) should be submitted to the office mentioned above.
  • All the information mentioned above applies only during the registration period in January. After this period, parents must apply to the relevant District Education Office.
  • Please note that applications for registration/transfer at the District Education Office can only be submitted by parents of children of Pre-Primary class age (4 8/12 - 5 8/12 old) . Applications for younger children are not accepted.
  • Schools and parents are informed about the results of transfer applications by the end of January.
  • Prior to the confirmation of the registrations, in April, the schools and parents who have submitted a late application for registration/transfer or submitted appeals towards earlier decisions, are informed about the results of the process.

Confirmation of registration
  • Confirmation of registration in Public Pre-Primary Schools takes place during two consecutive days in April. The specific dates are announced by the media. All parents must confirm the registration of their child/children to ensure his/ their place in the particular school.

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