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Registration of pupils aged 3 - 4 8/12 years old in Public Pre-Primary schools

Registration procedure
  • Parents of children aged 3-4 8/12 years old can apply to register their children in any Pre-Primary school. It is, however, recommended they apply to the Pre-Primary school within their educational region so that the child can continue his/her studies in the same school, provided there is an available place and an application to register at that particular school has been approved. If parents choose to register their child in a Pre-Primary school outside their educational region, continuation of the child’s studies at the same school when the child becomes of pre-school age, is not secured. Neither does attending the school offer any advantage over other children when transfer requests are examined.

  • At public Pre-Primary schools registration priority is given to children of pre-school age (4 8/12 - 5 8/12). If there are available places, younger children aged between 3 to 48/12 years old can be accepted. Applications for registration of younger children are submitted through the MOEC 30 form – “Application for Registration in a Public/Public and Communal Pre-Primary School for children aged 3 - 4 8/12 years old”. The applications are examined by a Selection Committee, according to specific selection criteria determined by the Council of Ministers.

    According to the regulations for public primary schools, the Selection Committee consists of the Chair of the District School Board, the headteacher of the nearest primary school, a representative of the Parents’ Association and the headteacher of the Pre-Primary school.

  • With respect to younger children, priority is given to children that live within the educational region of the school. Children aged 3 8/12 - 4 8/12 years old and 3 - 3 8/12 years old, who have siblings attending the school’s Pre-Primary class or the nearby Primary School, are considered to be within the educational region.

  • It should be noted that applications for registration/transfer for children aged 3 to 48/12 years old are not accepted by the District Education Office.

  • Pre-Primary schools will confirm/approve registrations of children aged 3 to 4 8/12 years old, usually, within the first half of May.
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