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Hiring Process for Primary School Secretarial Staff

All Primary Education schools are entitled to hire Secretarial Staff. Secretarial Staff is employed by the School Boards, with contract duration of ten months from September 1st to June 30th. The terms and conditions of employment are specified by the Circular for the "Employment status of Secretarial Staff in Primary Schools" of the Ministry of Education and Culture, file no. 15/06/27, which can be found on the website of the Department of Primary Education, by the end of each school year (May).

Working hours for secretarial staff range between 15 to 38 hours per week and are specified each year depending on the type of school and number of students.

The hiring of secretarial staff is managed by the School Board. When a position is created for the first time, the School Board must announce it in at least two daily newspapers inviting people who are interested to apply by completing the relevant application for employment. Then the candidates who meet the required qualifications (high school graduates, very good knowledge of computers, health certificate from a government doctor) go through an interview process. The Hiring Committee after taking into consideration the candidates’ qualifications and interview results, proceed to the hiring of the most appropriate person.

If the position already exists from the previous school year, the School Board is required to employ the same person and will not advertise the position again, unless there is evidence that the employee cannot respond to his/her duties.

If the position which existed in the previous year has been vacated, the hiring procedure which is described above should be followed.

The Hiring Committee is composed of seven members:
  • School Board Chair or representative
  • Three members of the School Board
  • Headteacher or representative
  • A member of the school’s teaching staff
  • Chair of the School’s Parent Association or representative.

If the termination of employment of an employee is decided because the employee does not perform his/her duties adequately, the provisions of the Termination of Employment Law are applied. In the case of termination of employment at the employee’s own initiative, he/she is obliged to give at least 15 days’ notice.

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